Common Reasons that Cause Automobile Accidents

Common Reasons that Cause Automobile Accidents – Automobile accidents can be severe and fatal. However, even if you survive the accident without any physical harm, the stress that attacks you after the accident is intense, because you suddenly realize that you have a lot to do now; from getting medical treatment if needed to getting your car repaired and dealing with insurance companies for rightful claims. In times like these, a professional auto accident attorney can help you fight for your rightful claim and get you compensation for your loss.

Let us look at the most common reasons that cause automobile accidents in the first place:

Distracted Drivers

One of the most common reasons for auto collisions are distracted drivers. Many drivers have a habit of using their phones or texting while driving. This distracts their attention from the road for a moment or two, which is enough for a fatal collision. Other things that can distract drivers are; talking to other passengers, fiddling with the car deck or looking at the scenery or advertisements on the road.

Impaired Drivers

Drivers, who have consumed alcohol, although below the legal limit, are a threat to others on the road. Also, those who are on heavy medications, have just had a heavy meal, have been on the driving seat for more than 2 hours, or are driving late into the night, are also at a risk of causing an auto accident due to their drowsy state.

Rowdy Drivers

Those who do not follow traffic rules, cross the speed limit, tailgate other cars or frequently change lanes also pose greater risks to other cars and pedestrians on the road.


The weather conditions can really be a threat for drivers. Rain, fog, ice, snow, wind and sleet; all these conditions reduce visibility and may be a major cause for road accidents.

How an Attorney Can Help You

It is very rare that you come out of a road accident with a few bruises and scars. Most of the times, the accidents are major. Therefore, it is recommended to hire a good auto accident attorney to handle your case and relieve you of the additional stress that victims face post accidents.

Auto attorneys are usually experienced and have the relevant knowledge needed to handle such cases. As they have dealt with similar cases before, they know exactly how to help you and what steps to take to file for an insurance claim.

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