Classification of Different Crimes – Crimes have different classification as per their severity. Crimes that come under the term infractions are considered the mildest one. A misdemeanor is a serious crime. The most severe crime is called a felony. The classifications of different crimes impact both the procedure and substance of criminal charge. Thus, you must always understand the basic difference between these classifications.

The professional criminal law attorneys in Rock Island describe the classification of crimes in the following way.

Difference between Misdemeanor and Felony

Misdemeanors and felonies are two basic crime classifications and in some states infractions (petty offenses) are the third. Misdemeanors are easily punishable by heavy fines and often jail time, typically less than a year. However, felonies are the most severe crime type and classified by degrees.  For instance, a first degree, the most serious type, includes arson, terrorism, rape, murder, burglary, kidnapping and others.


It is the least serious kind of crime. Usually, a police officer catches a person doing something unlawful, write a ticket and close the issue. The person pays the fine and that’s it. Generally, infractions involve no time in court. These crimes include traffic tickets, minor drug possessions, jaywalking charges and others.

However, if the infractions remain unpaid or unaddressed, typically the law provides for a range of fines including potential penalties.


Accomplice liability enables the court to find some person liable but for the acts done by a different person. When a person assists or encourages any other person in the crime, they are considered to be an accomplice to that crime.

The person who commits the crime is actually known as the principle. The crime itself, for which an accomplice offer assistance, is known as target crime.

Criminal vs. Civil cases

As per the criminal law attorney in Rock Island, civil cases typically involve private disputes between organizations or persons. Such cases are based on actions that are harmful to the whole society. Civil cases allow juries in a few instances but most of the cases are decided by the judge.

How to Deal with Crimes?

If any person is involved anyway with a felony and misdemeanor charge, they must immediately seek professional legal assistance by hiring a criminal law attorney in Rock Island. A professional can help you determine if you are liable as accomplice or principle and if any defenses are likely to be raised in their favor.