Worker’s Compensation Benefits

Worker’s Compensation Benefits and Its Type

Worker’s Compensation Benefits and Its Type – Worker’s compensation is received by a worker, in case of a work-related injury. State laws explicitly govern the workers’ compensation benefits distribution while outlining the injured workers’ rights.

As per the worker\’s compensation attorney in Moline, this compensation is in contrast to Social Security Disability Insurance payments that usually start five months after the onset of the condition or injury which has made the person unable to work. In majority of the work-related injury cases, workers are entitled to the following compensations. These also depend on the state’s laws.

Medical Only

Workers’ compensation supports 100% medical cost of disabled/injured workers including cash benefit for the lost work hours, after waiting 3 to 7 days of the waiting period. The majority of the workers’ compensation cases don’t cater lost work time that would be greater than the cash benefits waiting period.

In such cases, the just medical cost is paid. Even though these types of cases are common in workers’ compensation, they only represent a small share of the overall payment.

Temporary Disability

As the worker compensation attorneys in Moline suggest, cash benefits are always according to the severity or duration of the worker’s disability. Benefits related to TTD or Temporary Total Disability is paid when an illness or work-related injury prevents the worker from returning to the job temporarily.

As soon as the injured worker recovers and return to the pre-injury job, the benefits end. However, when injured workers join work again but at a lower wage than pre-injury wage, they get TPD or temporary partial disability benefits in a few states

Permanent Disability

In case an injured worker undergoes severe impairments that are permanent even after reaching maximum medical improvement, he/she is entitled to receive permanent disability benefits. PTD benefits are usually paid to injured workers who cannot work due to illness or work-related injury. However, permanent partial disability benefits are paid when the injured worker faces physical impairments. These impairments are permanent but don’t limit the ability of the worker to work completely.


A workers compensation program may pay death benefits in case, a work-related injury and illness become fatal. The benefit usually includes burial and funeral expenses amount along with cash benefits for the dependents and family of the worker.

Being a worker, you must know the worker\’s compensation benefits. Also, always hire a qualified workers compensation attorney in Moline to discuss as well as to receive your rightful claim.


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