Types of Crimes You Should Know About – Victims of crime hardly know what steps to take when they are victimized. Often, they fail to understand the crime and hence, are unable to take appropriate action against it. Here are the key categories of crime that are frequently committed that you should know about so that you can seek help from a professional criminal attorney, when needed.

Violent Crime

This type of crime is usually divided into three degrees.

1st Degree – The first degree is when a person intentionally harms another person. In this case, the criminal can be charged under felony murder.

2nd Degree – This involves the use of a deadly weapon to harm a victim. However, the intention is not to kill the victim and the victim survives the assault in such a crime.

3rd Degree – Also known as a misdemeanor, this assault is usually intended to cause physical injuries. It involves cases like homicide, hate crimes, domestic violence, rape, physical abuse, sexual assault, etc.

Property Crime

This usually involves burglary and theft, trespassing or breaking into a business or residence, and arson; starting a fire in order to cause damage to someone’s property. Nowadays, a very common property crime is stealing intellectual property, which means a person’s ideas are duplicated or used by another person for their own benefit.

Public Order Crime

These are victimless crimes as the person committing the crime did not intend to harm another person. It includes unlawful gambling, use and abuse of drugs, prostitution and pornography.

White Collar Crime

This kind of crime is usually non violent and is not intended to cause physical harm to anyone. It is committed by a high ranking business employee against the business. White collar crimes include embezzlement, bribery, credit card or bank fraud, counterfeit, computer fraud, etc.

Enterprise Crime

Also known as organized crime, this kind of crime is committed by a well organized group of people. It can be committed within multiple groups as well. It includes crimes like illegal gambling, money laundering, embezzlement and fraud. The crime is sometimes committed on a greater level that involves organized prostitution, human trafficking, kidnapping and murder.

Professional Assistance

A criminal lawyer will be able to offer professional assistance to you, in case you or any of your close ones are victimized. The lawyer will ensure that the criminal is charged for their crime and is punished for it accordingly. Such lawyers will also help you get compensation for your suffering.

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