Criminal Justice System 

What You Need to Understand About Criminal Justice System 

What You Need to Understand About Criminal Justice System  –The criminal justice system can be frightening and even intimidating. This is particularly true when you don’t understand the rules, procedures, and laws that govern it.

So let us discuss the important information about;

  • Reading criminal statutes
  • Mounting a defense against various criminal chargers
  • How to hire a professional attorney in Davenport, Iowa.

Reacting to Crime in Progress

Even though in progress calls are not too frequent, they are indeed the most dangerous for law enforcement as the suspect is still present on the scene.  When a police get a call for a crime in progress, they immediately send a force to the scene. Most of the time, officers are able to catch the suspect, then and there. They either arrest the criminal or take them to the county jail.

The Mental State of the Defendant – Mens Rea

Mens Rea is a Latin word for guilty mind. The concept enables the criminal justice system to differentiate the one who had the intentions to commit a crime, from the one, who didn’t mean it. In brief, Mens Rea refers to the thinking of the accused individual and their intent at the time of the crime.

As per criminal law attorneys in Davenport, Iowa, some criminal laws don’t require mens rea at all. They are called strict liability laws. These laws claim that no matter what you intended, the basic act itself warrant criminal punishment. For instance, statutory rape is one of the examples of strict liability crime.

Motive Matters

The motive is actually an indirect way to establish that the act was done knowingly or intentionally.  For an instant, in an assault case, a defendant might claim that they accidentally punched the victim and did not have any intention for an assault i.e. to cause bodily harm.

When it comes to criminal law, the intent is distinct from motive. Criminal intent shows the mental state of the defendant while committing a crime. Generally, the prosecution involved in a criminal case requires proving that the defendant had the intentions to commit this illegal act. In short, the prosecution is liable to prove the motive of the defendant. However, defense attorneys and prosecutors alike may create a motive issue in connection with the case.

Hire a Criminal Law Attorney in Davenport, Iowa

So, if you are dealing with a crime against property, a person or any other criminal offense, immediately hire an attorney to improve your situation and to avoid charges.

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