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Rick Keys is an attorney and partner in Keys Law Offices, PC. He brings more than three decades of experience to the firm, and has dedicated his life to helping his clients seek and find justice. A 1991 graduate of Chicago’s John Marshall Law School, Rick is dually licensed to practice law in both Illinois and Iowa. He concentrates his practice in personal injury claims and criminal defense, including traffic cases.

Rick prides himself on his ability to get stellar results for his personal injury clients. He began his career as a workers’ compensation, property and bodily injury insurance adjuster for the Hartford Insurance Company. In this role, he investigated claims, negotiated settlements, and managed attorneys. He knows firsthand how insurance companies work, and he uses this knowledge to negotiate fair settlements, resolve cases in a timely fashion, and – when a case goes to trial – to zealously litigate on behalf of his clients.

After working in the insurance industry, Rick worked as an assistant Rock Island County State’s Attorney where he prosecuted a wide variety of challenging case. With this experience Rick knows firsthand how prosecutors think, and uses this hard-won experience to mount the strongest possible defense for each of his criminal defense clients. After achieving success at the State’s Attorney Office, Rick moved into his private practice career.

Rick’s experience isn’t limited only to life as an attorney. He has extensive experience running and operating a business, and he brings that knowledge to his business clients. As vice president of CREM Industries, Rick managed and initiated the development of new partnerships, developed novel solutions for on-site problems, and oversaw daily operations for a successful international business. He knows firsthand that an attorney who knows the business world can mean the difference between success and failure, and he endeavors to bring his years of experience and skill to each and every client.

Rick believes that the best attorneys make complicated legal jargon understandable, and he endeavors to always provide his clients with pertinent, easily-understood information. He wants clients to feel like they’re talking to a good friend.

No client wants to waste money on a losing case or on endless hours spent researching basic legal issues. Rick offers his clients a quick yet thorough analysis of the facts pertaining to their case, and has a strong track record of identifying the pertinent issues and honing in on what really matters in a case . His three decades of litigation work have shown him a wide range of cases, giving him the legal acumen and practical insight necessary to act quickly and wisely.



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